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Welcome to Spiderplant's Home Page. A work in progress.

This page is optimized for a WebTVbox !!

This page contains a list of my hobbies and likes, and also has some personal information. Some of the links are musical so you can sing along with my life. This page also contains the secret of my handle name.

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This page has the links (obviously) that I have set up. There are links to other WebTV information sites and WebTV user's home pages and some other links that I like to go to. The links I put on this page are based on the criteria of interesting topic, good design, and WebTV friendly.

Hey!!! Did you want to know how I made these pages???
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I have set up a HTML Tips page that shows you how I made the basic page design you see here. I put the exact HTML needed to create your pages using a custom editor like I use at Tripod. If I don't answer your quesiton on this page, please e-mail me and I will gladly send you the help.

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I get TGIF's at work. They are e-mailed jokes, stories, funny headlines, and the such. This page is where I will share them with you. I get the TGIF's every Friday morning, so I have a lot on hand. However, I probably won't be updating them every Friday.

You can find me socializing at WBS Chat. I have met a few other WebTV owners at the Twentysomething_ chat room where I hangout. WBS has also just added a WebTV chat room. Spiderplant is my handle, but you might have figured that from the name of this page.

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