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Jokes Gallery

I used to get TGIF's at work. They were e-mailed jokes, stories, funny headlines, and the such. I also get jokes from friends. This page is where I share them with you.
I will make a note when I update a page, so don't hold your mouse button. (that would be a poor joke)

Home Page - This page contains links to each jokes separated by type. Or if you just want to read them page by page:

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Photo Gallery

I have always enjoyed taking pictures. I actually took a couple of classes while I was in high school. My grandfather gave me his old camera as a graduation gift.

Since the cameras that I had were a little old and bulky, I decided to buy a new one. I bought a Canon EOS IX-Lite. The camera uses Advanced Photo System (APS) film. The film is slightly smaller than 35mm, so it has the problem of being a little grainy at slower speeds when you enlarge the picture.

The advantage is that my camera is about half the weight of a regular 35mm camera, even with a 200mm lense. Also, the regular size pictures for APS are bigger and brighter than a normal 35mm picture. And the biggest advantage (for me), is that the negatives stay in the canister. I get a index picture of all of the images on the roll and their numbers. I have a container that holds a dozen rolls and their index prints. If I want a picture, I look through the index, find the picture number, find the corresponding roll (they are uniquely numbered), and then just take the roll down to the photo store and ask for some prints. What makes this even better is that I really don't need to get any prints at all, because the film is developed directly to CD. Which brings me to this part of the site.

Since I can easily put photos on the web. I made this part of the site for sharing images from my trips and activities. I hope you enjoy them.

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